Title - Calling
Call language is one of the most important considerations to call efficiency.  Consider the following.
We are sharing a list, so let’s start with these sharing policies:
♦  If you have talked to someone and want to work with them, then put your name in the Website space.
♦  Make other notes elsewhere so we know what you are doing.
♦  Try to update them as you go along.  If two weeks passes and it looks like nothing has happened, for example they are not given a “Lite” tag or “Upgrade” tag, then they will be fair game for others.
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Call Principles
Rather than a focus on scripts, I would rather we focus on principles of the call.  There are script ideas contained herein, but they only last for the first few calls and then we usually move on to general principle guidelines.
Consider the following guidelines:
Be Inclusive – Use “We,” “us,” etc. language as if you are part of the Company, as you are.  Don’t say “they,” “them,” etc. as it makes you sound like an outsider.  It is less powerful.
Way Of Being – Make sure when you are talking to people that your mindset, language, etc. is of success, a great program, they can be successful, etc.  Come across as it is natural for people to signup for the Demo Trial, and unnatural and even surprising that they would not.
Definitive Language – We have a 20+ year proven system, that flat out wins.  However, we do not know them.  So don’t be too definitive such as You will, it does, etc.  Speak more appropriately for the industry, such as, it can, you may, about, …
Call With An Intention – Consider there to be two intentions:
(1)  To get to know their whys, reasons, pain, and problems.
(2)  Have them identify they need to make a change and the Demo is a goo place to start..
(3)  Sign them up as a Demo Lite or schedule a time to sign them up.
Be Brief – Seek as short and sincere a conversation as possible. The shorter the better without sacrificing a sense of interest and caring and achieving the intentions of the call.
Focus On Them – Spend most of the time and attention on them and discovering their whys, reasons, pain points, problems, etc.
Minimize Selling Of Features And Benefits – Only mention features and benefits quickly and somewhat secondarily or tangentially.  When you and the prospect get off the phone, our system and its features and benefits should not be what they remember.  They should remember that they now have a way forward to achieve their goals.
Ask For The Demo Trial – At the right time after a discussion about them and their objectives, then fold in the Demo Trial.  After a brief run-down of its features, benefits, and simplicity then ask them to join us in the Demo Trial with our help.  If the current moment does not work then schedule a time to sign them up.
NOTE – The thing that will have them picking the phone up for a next appointment is how well they have been connected or reminded of their emotional connection to their need to change, their recognition and belief you have a good possible solution, and their sense of your sincere interest in their welfare.  Anything less and you are just a sales person that does not warrant their time. 
Coaching And Tuition – At some time after your rapid review of Demo Trial features and benefits you need to connect the realization with them that the Demo is just that, a trial, an awareness builder, a peek into the system, …  Connect that it makes sense they would need additional training and expectantly with training there is a tuition.  Quickly mention the Pro Funded program features and benefits and pricing and then mentions the general features and benefits of the Executive program.  See script outlines below.
Be Transparent, To A Point – Feel free to answer a couple of questions to show you are transparent, but then turn them to the Demo Trail.  After a couple of questions say “you have a lot of questions, the Demo Trial will get all of those answered, let’s get you started.”
Key Features And Benefits
Of Our Day Trading System And Day Trading Generally
It is best not to go directly to features and benefits when answering a questions or carrying on a discussion.  It is better to focus on their reasons and whys.  People do not want to admit it, but they buy on emotion and justify on fact.  So make sure to focus first and primarily on emotional pulling (happy outlook items, …) and pushing (pain, problems, …) etc. that are motivating them.
Trade Demo Trial
Key Features
Company 20+ Year Proven
Trade System
Other General Features Of Day Trading And
Day Trading With This Company
Ideal Home Income
•  Legitimate home-based income.
•  Trade anywhere you get on-line.
•  Earn ~$200 – ~$1,000+ daily.
•  Trade 1 – 2 hours / day (or more).
•  Trade any hours of the day.
•  Any day (except Saturday).
•  Trade at home, office, or away.
Everyone Wins And Earns
•  Great for men and women
•  Great for the older and younger.
•  Great for beginners and experts.
•  Great for handicapped, infirmed, etc.
Trade Company Money
•  Up To $100,000 Trade Account.
•  Keep 60% – 80% Of  Funded Profits.
•  Keep 100% Of Private Fund Profits.
•  No need to trade one’s own money.
•  Founded in 2008 and fast growing.
•  Now with 6,000+ traders.
•  U.S. and International members.
Proprietary Indicators
•  ~20 Years Of Proven Success.
•  ~90% Trade Winning Indicators.
•  Earliest or fastest known indicators.
•  Accurate from fast following of data.
•  Follow Real-Time Big Money Trades.
•  Various indicators and trade styles.
Expert Coaches / Culture
•  One-on-One Live Online Training.
•  Train nearly anytime 7:00 a – 9:00 p.
•  Train 1 hour twice a week for 18 hrs.
•  Side-by-side training – Exec Traders.
•  Show Daily Live Online Trades.
•  Live market data demo training.
•  Call, Text, Email, And Online Access.
Ample Support
•  ~Daily live online trades.
•  Online live forums and webinars.
•  Vast video best practice library.
•  Chat rooms.
•  As needed continuous training.
Ideal Income And Business
•  Home-based, unlimited income, …
•  No finding, no selling, … clients.
•  Earn more than most CEOs at home.
•  No products to buy, store, or ship.
•  No land, buildings, offices to lease.
•  No high capital equipment to buy.
•  No restricted markets (its global).
•  No local economy dependency.
•  No licenses, approvals, etc. needed.
•  All fulfillment is electronic.
•  Just trade or build trading franchises.
Script Outlines
The following is an outline of the first phone call.  You can fill in the specific words.  We do not want it memorized, but from the heart.
What follows are ideas.  If you feel more comfortable with different language or you want to experiment a little, you may do so.
Also note, you will soon master this script, because you will be looking at screens that cue and guide you through.  Largely you are just guiding them through the screen before them.
Call – Script Outline
(1)  Quick Introduction
Get them talking as soon as possible (within 20 seconds)
“Hi, this is ______ calling from the Day Trading Company that has Corporate funds for you to trade at home, part-time.  How are you?”
“Do you have a moment to chat?”
(2)  Transition To Why (You want them saying something (salutations) quickly and something meaningful fast.))
“What caught your attention about our ad or website?
“What has you looking at day trading?
(3)  Get to know them and their why (50% of your call should be sent here.  Modify these questions based upon the level of awareness that this is a day trading business.  The Day Trading UN-Aware folks will need more generic questions.  Any of the following):
– “Beyond making extra money and time, what is important to you?”
– “What has you interested in day trading.”
– “How does that fit with what you are looking for.”
– “What has you looking for extra income by working at home?”
– “What kind of a home business are you looking for?”
– “What kind of business have you found?” 
– Other questions you fee useful.
      Follow up questions to primary questions.  The important point is not to be thinking of your next brilliant question, but listening.  From listening, derive your next questions: 
– “What else about that can you say?”
– “Can you tell me more about that?”
– “Why thought?”
– “Why now?”
      Emotional Focus of their statements or questions.  Often a sentence comes with two parts, and emotional components and a factual component.
Statement = Emotional Component + Factual Component
         The more of a stranger we are to them, the more they speak in fact and guard their emotional side.  The more familiar we are with them the more emotional components show up.  People buy and act based on emotion and justify the purchase or act by facts.  So, dwell in the emotional.
         You can always come back to benefits, features, and facts.  However, if the emotional moment is not addressed, it vanishes and can never be recovered.  This is the most important signal to them you are listening or not.  This is the most important part of the conversation for developing the needed rapport and trust.  Here are some follow up questions.  For instance:
Example 1 – They say “I can see your indicators are very predictive, but I have never been good at this kind of thing.”
– Caller Poor Response (talking facts first) – “Yes, our indicators are amazing and have been proven as such for over 20+ Years.”
– Caller Better Response (responding with emotion first) – “I am confident you can do well at this.  It is actually simple, fun, and we will show your how with 1-to-1 coaching.  Put that together with our amazing indicators and you can do great.”
Example 2 – They say “This is something that looks perfect for after retirement, but I don’t think I can afford it.” 
– Caller Poor Response (focusing on facts first) – “It is not expensive, remember we are only talking about $10.  Never mind about the coaching at this time.”
– Caller Better Response (addressing the emotion side first) – “Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to continue to create a great income in retirement in the comfort of your own home, or traveling about, just minutes a day.  That will be real retirement living.  Don’t worry about the coaching cost at this time, let’s get you started in the $10 Trade Demo Trial for 30-days so you can experience it.”
(4)  Demo Introduction – At some point fold in the Demo Trial.
Transition Statements
– “Did you see there was a $10 Demo Trial for 30-days?”
– “You saw there was a 30-day Demo Trial for $10?”
Features And Benefits Quick Review
– “So the Demo Trial is $10 for 30-days, but usually takes just 7 – 10 days.  You will be able to see you can earn a living day trading our 20+ year proven system.
– “To get you started, we will have you watch our ‘Fast Start.’ “
– “We will download our software and set it up to make it simple for you.
– “We will train with you about every 2 or 3 days so we can move you forward quickly and simply as your schedule allows.”  You should be trading the live market with a practice account in about 7 days.”
– “You will also be signed up for Training and Trading webinars.”  “These will allow you to watch some of our coaching and mentors finding and taking trades.”  “With these you will learn some basic trade methods you can use and also to meet a few of our coaches.”
– “There is also a chat room with comments by dozens and dozen to hundreds of others and responses by our coaching so you can get a broader perspective of our winning trade system.”
– “How does that all sound?” (This is a deliberate “open-ended” sentence to get them to say something to break up our continual talking.)
– “So there are three purpose of the Trade Demo Trial.”
– “The first, is to allow you to experience a winning and proven day trading system to see that it you can win with it.”
– “The second, is to give you time to work with us and see if we are the type of people you feel comfortable in working with.”
– “The third, is to have you answer your questions if this is the answer or solution to what you are seeking.”
– “To answer these questions, it usually takes just 7 to 10 days or so.”
(5)  Tie In Coaching
Transition Statements
– “What other questions or what else would you want to accomplish with the Trade Demo Trial?” (A deliberate questions to involve them.)
– “So the Demo Trial will get you a familiarity and some experience with our proven day trading system, but it will not develop the skill you need to trade real money.”
– “Naturally you will need some training and coaching.”
– “As you would expect with coaching there is tuition.”
– “Did you see our coaching programs detailed on the website?”
Pricing Discussion
– “So let me quickly review our coaching and tuition with you.”
– “We have four coaching programs.  They can all help you create great wealth.  We have four coaching programs because our members continue to ask for more, so we simply add different coaching programs.”
– “Let me quickly review the first coaching program called ‘Pro Funded’ that we have been training for over 12 years.”  
     – “We will train you for 28 hours.
– The first part being 1-to-1 online, twice a week for 1 hour, at times you tell us work for your schedule.
– Then we will fund you with between $2,000 to $5,000 of real Company money.
– After your funding we will continue with the second half of training by small group online webinar.”
     – “You will be able to trade up to $50,000 of our Company money,”
     – “You will keep 60% of your trade profits.”
     – “There is more with this coaching.
     – “John, (using their name wakes them up) this coaching program tuition is $7,500.” (don’t stop talking, but move to the next paragraph)
– “Real quick, let me just mention a little about our other coaching programs.”
     – “So our members ask if they could trade more money, so we double their Company trade fund up to $100,000.”
     – “Other wanted to keep a bigger share, so we you keep 80% of your trade profits.”
     – “Many wanted to be more sure of their success so they wanted more coaching.  So we doubled it to to 50 hours, with more 1-to-1 online coaching, then real money funding, then small group online webinar training, and also a 2-day retreat to our Salt Lake City, UT headquarters to train side-by-side with one of our Executive Coaches.  The Company will pay for all trip expenses (airfare, rental car, hotel, and mid-day meals).” (don’t mention pricing, just move on to encouraging them to start the Demo Trial).”
– “There coaching programs are amazing.”
– “I will show you more about the coaching programs when we get into the Demo Trial and we will talk about financing there as well, if you need it.”
(6)  Demo Signup
– “So at this time let’s focus on the Demo Trial and we can come back to coaching later.
– “We need to get you started with the Demo Trail.”
– “Are you by a computer now, so we can get you started with the $10 Demo Trial?”
– “Okay, are you available later today or tomorrow to get you started with the $10 Demo Trial?”
(7)  Adapt The Conversation
– Address other issues they may bring up.
– Answer one or two question to show transparency, but then simply redirect them to the Demo Trial.
     – You may say “You have some great questions.  All of them can be answered in the Demo Trial, so let’s get you started.”
– There is really no need to get into a big discussion, simply keep them moving.
     – You could also say, “Let’s get you started and I will schedule with someone that has all the answers for you.”
– The more questions you answer, the less likely they are to move forward.  Kindly, keep the focus on the intention of the call, that is to get them to sign up in the Demo Trial.
– If they cannot sign up immediately then schedule a time to do so.  Make sure to send a text reminder a few hour before.
– If they just won’t move forward and have lots of questions, simply schedule them on the calendar like a normal appointment, but add some notes.  Then move on.
Signup – Script Outline
(1)  Registration
– “Go to www.TradeCompanyMoney.com.”  Get them used to this being their go-to website.
– “Do you see the yellow menu buttons?  Click the first button on the second row called ‘Signup Assistance’ “
– “Okay, you see a page with a golden shield and it recalculates to $10.”
– “Next mark the type of computer you have.  Is your computer ‘Windows’ or ‘Mac’ based?”
– “Then you see ‘Terms and Conditions’ which are typical for the industry.  Go ahead and click the check box below them.”
     – Don’t mention this unless asked:
     – “It discusses our coaching programs and tuition, we just discussed.”
     – “It discusses that we are not “Introducing Broker” or we do not recommend a particular broker.”
     – “It discusses that rather than give you trades, we train you to find good trades for a lifetime.” 
– “Click on the yellow ‘Enter Payment Info’ button and fill out the payment information for the $10.  If you have any questions let me know.”
– “Okay, with your submission, you are now onto a page that is showing it is gathering your login information.  It may take a couple of minutes to gather.”
– It takes 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to get the login information.  Simply talk about their aspirations they mentioned before.
(2)  Login
– “Now that you have the login information click on the blue “Login Here” link.”
– “Let’s log in.  Look to the upper right corner where you see ‘Log In’.”
(3)  Fast Start Videos
– “What we want you to do is get started on our ‘Fast Start’ videos.  So save this page as a favorites.  Now go to the ‘Lite Courses.’  You see there are three sections.  ‘New Student,’ ‘Core Indicators,’ and ‘Trade Basics.’  Within these categories there area about 13 videos, each about 6 to 8 minutes long.  Let me show you how to use them.”
– “Click on ‘New Student’ and that takes you to a page with two videos.”
– “Click on the top video or the ‘Welcome’ video.  You notice it opens a page with an 8 minutes video.”
– “So after you watch the video, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the word ‘Welcome.’  That will open up a quiz.”
– “Now the quiz is not to test your knowledge, it is just a way to highlight certain aspects of the video.  So if a questions is not clear, just put any answer, and at the end of the quiz we will give you the right answers.”
If you are stopping at ‘Signing’ up then do this, otherwise jump to ‘Setup.”
(3)  Schedule Next Appointment To Historical Data Trade
– “Let’s schedule our next time to meet so we can actually have you making historical market data trades.”
– “Are you available at ______ (if Ralph is to fulfill on the appointment, then schedule on Ralph’s calendar at www.TradeCompanyMoney.com/Calendar).”
(4)  L I T Webinar
– “Let’s also get you signed up for our online webinars.”
– “Go to the ‘Calendar’ menu tab.”
– “Click on the first calendar called ‘Trader Lite Calendar’.”
– “The first is the ‘L I T Webinar’ or a webinar focused on trading where our Demo Trial Coaches show how to take some trades.”
– “It is held Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and Thursday evening.”
– “Hover over the L I T Webinar and click on the blue “Register Here” link.”
– “Before we put in the information, look up a little to the times and see that is scheduling you in the right Time Zone.”
– “Now put in your first and last name and then email address.”
– “Click on the ‘Register’ button.”
– “Now that you are registered, click on the ‘Back Arrows’ in the upper left corner of the search engine screen until we get back to the calendar.”
– “You will get an email about an hour before the webinar.  Simple click on the link and follow the simple directions and you will be in.”
(5)  Trader Lite Member Meeting
– “Now let’s sign you up for a more training focused webinar.”
– “Now go down to Wednesday at 7 pm and hover over the ‘Trader Lite Member Meeting’ and register.”
– “Do the same thing you did earlier.  Hover over the meeting (come from the top down), fill in the fields (probably already filled), and click ‘Register’.”
– “Now arrow back to the ‘Calendar’.”
– “Again, you will receive an email about an hour before.”
– “The more webinars you are able to attend, the better you will trade.”
– “Also, if you cannot make it to the webinar, they are recorded.  Go to ‘Library’ and you can see where it says ‘L I T Webinar’ and ‘Wednesday Lite Meeting’.”
(6)  Chat
– “You want to check out our ‘Chat’ app and see what others are saying.”
– “Click on the ‘Chat’ menu tab.”
– “Type in a password of your choice.” (any password will work).
– “Make sure to write down your passwords as you will have 4 or 5 of them before you are done.”
– “No search on your phone for the app called ‘Trader Chat App’ and look for our golden shield.  It may also say ‘Trader Chat – Trading University.”
– “Now download it, install it, and login to it.  Let me know where you are at in the process.”
– “Get through the various notification, and click on the ‘Chat’ link at the bottom of the app screen.”
– “This is where you can see the comments of other Trade Demo Trial’ members we call ‘Lites’.”
– “Go ahead and type something in to get into the conversation, such as ‘Hi, this is _______ and I just join.”
– “Also, you see at the bottom there is a link called ‘Indicators’.  We just put our indicators on the app.  They provide general market awareness, but they are not ready to use for trading.  That is because each chart time period only updates once per time period.  For instance, the ‘1M’ chart updates just once per minutes, the ’60M’ chart updates just once an hour, etc.  But use it to study the charts.”
– “Okay, we are about finished.  We have just a couple of things to do.”
Setup – Script Outline (see ‘Setup’ menu tab for more extensive treatment)
(1)  Set Expectations – This is critical to give them an up-front understanding of what to expect and how to get the most from their Trade Demo Trial.  If this step is not thoroughly completed, the likelihood of them upgrading into coaching can be compromised.
– “Okay, let’s go back to www.TradeCompanyMoney.com and click on the ‘Trade Support’ menu tab.”
– At this point simply go through the page as quickly as you can, using the page as the script.  We are not looking for understanding here, but just exposure.
Orientation And Expectations – Review.
Lite Trade Demo Summary – I say “This represents the Trade Demo Trial. …”  Then quickly read the sections and say “The Demo is for 30 days, but you will really only need 7 to 10 days.”  That is critical to set the momentum of the Demo Trial.  Skip the iceberg image.
Demo Calendar
– The key message here is that the Demo Trial is just a familiarization and they will need coaching to develop skill.
– Further mention that over the course of the next 7 to 10 days they will be becoming familiar with day trading, but they should also be preparing to enter coaching.
– Simply review by essentially just mentioning the headlines.
Trading Company Money – A quick overview of the Company system.
– Quickly review the boxes and progress.
– I do mention they will spend about one year circling between the blue, green, yellow, and orange boxes building skill and their account and ending up to the right.
Coaching And Tuition – Quick with detail.
– I build a sorry that our students simply have driving our coaching choices by their requests.
– Emphasis the Platinum program as the most logical.
Financing And Payoffs – A quick emphasis that we can help here.
– “About 85% of our members use loans to get into coaching.”  Sometimes a I say “Most people come to us needing and wanting more money, so they do not have a lot of money, so most will use a loan, equity in a home, retirement funds, etc.”
– “When a person gets a loan, they get enough for the tuition and for about six months of loan payments.  They use the loan to pay the first six months of the loan, so this really never comes out of their personal fund.”
– “You can see below that if we chart the loan payments in gray below that you do not make any money day trading the first and second month as you are in coaching, The third month you can make a little, and the fourth month is really where you can see your day trading result return more than your loan payment.  At that point your trading should start paying for the loan.”
– “You see that the gray loan lines end at about month 15.  That is because most student pay off their loans at about the 11th, 12th, 13th, etc. months.”
– “If you have savings, retirement funds, equity, etc. to use, that simply means you can begin paying it off on the around the fourth month and have it paid back relatively quickly.”
Monthly Fees – General awareness.
– Make sure to mention that they will be charged $327 in 30 days.  I do it by saying the following. 
– “So the Corporation has it set up that you will be charged the $327 in 30 days.  That is okay, because we will be done in 7 to 10 days.  That gives us 15 to 20 days to figure out what to do.  Here are four actions we could take.”  Then review the four actions that follow.
Cancellation – Make sure to show them how to cancel if needed.
(2)  Download Software
– So when someone signs up, instead of having them click on the blue ‘Enter Here’ link after they get their credentials after hitting ‘Submit’, instead you simply say, “Okay, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Download’ button.
– A couple of considerations:
– If they have a Mac Computer, do not download the software.  They need to install another software first that will allow a Window’s based program to run on a Mac.  It is called Parallels.  For now let me know and I will send it.  In time it is just an email to send.
– If for some reason they do not download the software at this time, then the way to do it is to log into the Day Trading University website and go to the ‘Support’ menu tab and click on ‘Installers’ and click on the first blue link called ‘GTF Installers.’
– Then simply have them follow the prompts to install the software.  Consider:
– “The software should be downloaded at the bottom of the internet page.”
– “When you click or ‘Run’ to install it, your computer may ask if you ‘Want To Make Changes.’  Click ‘Yes’ or ‘Okay’ to this.”
– “There will then be about six approval screens.  Simple click through them.  One will ask what you want to download.  Select ‘With MT4’.”
– “You are downloading three pieces of software.  One is a screen sharing software called ‘Teamviewer’ that let’s us share screens so we are more helpful.  The second is the analysis software called ‘Greenchart’ that let’s us find trades.  The third is our brokerage firm software so we can place live trades in the market.  It is called ‘Meta Trader 4’ or ‘MT4’.”
– Once they all download you can stop there if you are not comfortable, or if you are ready then setup the Greenchart software.
(3)  Setup Greenchart Software – This is not hard, but I will fill this in when someone is ready to complete the full setup process.
(4)  Homework Summary
– “So in summary, what I need you to do is to finish the ‘Lite Course’ videos (at least through the ‘Core Indicators’) as well as the ‘Get Started Basics’ video.”
– “Can you show me how you would get to the ‘Lite Courses’ videos and the ‘Homework’ ‘Greenchart Basics’ video?”
–  “Lastly, remember you can get to any part of your homework and Trade Demo Trial by going to www.TradeCompanyMoney.com.”
(13)  Schedule Next Appointment To Historical Data Trade
– “Let’s schedule our next time to meet so we can actually have you making historical market data trades.”
– “Are you available at ______ (if Ralph is to fulfill on the appointment, then schedule on Ralph’s calendar at www.TradeCompanyMoney.com/Calendar).”
Software Used And Access
The following is instructions to access software used with the two call systems.
I use the following software for each aspect of this project
1.  Ontraport – Find names to call and record names called:
•  Site – www.Ontraport.Com
•  User – Info@TradeCompanyMoney.Com
•  Pass – itcmc20op! 
•  NOTE – Ontraport regularly requires IP Address verification.  That verification should be sent to the email below or Info@TradeCompanyMoney.Com.  Open the email and click on the verification link.  
2.  Emailing – Webmail by Godaddy
•  Info@TradeCompanyMoney.Com
•  View online at:
–  Site – email.godaddy.com
–  User / Email – Info@TradeCompanyMoney.Com
–  Pass – infotcm
–  Send from here and put your name at the end of the subject line.  You will then be able to quickly scan subject lines and determine which replies are yours.
3.  MightyText (optional.  dial from computer.  may be free.  I pay $9/mo) – To send texts from my computer by way of my phone.  And to copy and paste to dial my phone. 
• Site – www.MightyText.com.
• Download and setup the free version.
4.  COD Sync – Official status of each person.
This site provides the official list of Lites and their Upgraded status to be used to check the progress and pay status of your work.
♦  Go to www.CODSync.com.
♦  Click “Please Login” button.
♦  User – Ralph@TradeCompanyMoney.Com.
♦  Pass – Get2Work!
♦  Click – “My Sales”
♦  This is a good place to observe the completion of our goal.  We should have no less than 40 Lites listed at any time..
Calling Process
Follow this process.
(1) Contacts.
♦  Leads – Click on “Contacts”
♦  Click on the specific name.
(2) Click on the name and it opens. 
♦  New Name – Fill in the fields are shown in other completed examples.
♦  Older Name – Call and fill in information as discussed below.
♦  Let’s call the names at least 3 times, more if you are looking for names to call.
(3) Call and while dialing get notes, text, and emails ready:
♦  Ready Text – You can use any text (see my text just below).
♦  Ready Email – You can use any email (see my email just below).
♦  Ready Notes
– Put notes in the Address 2 and in the Notes And Task notes (left column tabs).  The system allows you to change these notes so you can change them if something happens on the phone after the note was put in.
– List the Number or times called, Caller, Day, Date, Time, and Means (C-Call, T-Talk, V-Voice Message, X-Text, E-Email).  For example, 1 Ralph Fri 20.10.25 4p C V E and X – … 
(4)  Leave a voice message as they do call back. 
(5)  Send Messages after leaving a voice message.
♦  Send the text.
♦  Send the email.
♦  Lock in the Address 2 line and the Notes And Task notes.
(6) If a one or two word reminders – If this is helpful then put that in on the Website line.  For instance:
♦  Lori Talked – This means others should not talk to them for two weeks.  After two weeks without other notes from Lori, then others may call.
♦  Lori Appt 11.22 – This means Lori has an appointment with them on November 22 of this year.  So no one else will call.  If the date is past and they are not a Lite, and there are not other notes from Lori (time stamped by a new date or time stamped in the notes), then others can call.
♦  Drip – Means not interested (but did not say Do Not Call), called 3 or 4 times, etc.
♦  See other examples
(7) Final Name Disposition:
♦  Bad Number – in the Contact Tags area put “Bad Contact Info” and type “Bad Number” in the Website line.  See other examples.  We are not just deleting these names, because if they have an email than they will receive an email drip market campaign.  
♦  After 3 or 4 Calls – In the Contact Tags are put “Drip Market” and type “Drip” in the Website line.
♦  If someone says “Do Not Call” then just delete that one contact.  Just delete people that say “stop” or a bad number.  Don’t delete people that just say they are not interested at the moment.  With drip marketing they may be interested later.
(8) Just call – Roll through the names and generate business.  There are lots of people in there that I have not talked to, talked to but lost track of, etc.  There should be lots of business.
Ralph’s Current Voice Message
Below is the current voice message I am leaving.  You may use it or another message that resonates with you.  This is not memorized by me and fluctuates with each call.  You should not state it verbatim as well.  Use it as a guide.  You can change it as you wish.
1 With the first call, voice message left:
 – Hi, this is Ralph with the day trading company that has you day trading our Company money at home part-time.  I am calling to put a voice with the online information and answer your questions.  You may be interested to know that we have men and women all across the country how have been day trading our Company money for years.  They love doing it.  They are doing things financially that they never thought they could.  Many of them are even using it as a primary income.  Imagine day trading for an hour or two a day to earn a lifestyle income and increase their savings, and then have the time to do what is important the rest of the day.  Anyway, it is worth a quick chat.  So give me a call or send me a text with a couple of times we could talk.  I look forward to you shortly.
1 Ralph Wed 11.27 3p C, V, E, and X – I update this statement with right day, date, and time and then just copy and paste in, and modify as needed. 
 2 After first call and text
 – Hi, this is Ralph again with the day trading company that has you day trading our Company money at home part-time.  I am calling again to do all I can to be available to answer your questions.  Being able to day trade a few minutes to a couple of hours a day to earn the extra cash and lifestyle income you seek, that it is worth us reaching out again.  You may remember I mentioned that we have had men and women trading our Company money for years, and they love it.  So again, it is worth a quick chat.  Give me a call or send me a text with a couple of times I could call you.  I look forward to your call or text.
2 Ralph Mon 11.11 2p C, V, E, and X – I update this statement with right day, date, and time and then just copy and paste in, and modify as needed.
Ralph’s Current Text Messages
First call text message and note:
– Good day. I am Ralph from the company looking for people to train to trade our Company money part-time from home.  See www.TradeCompanyMoney.com for details.  I just called and thank you for looking into our part-time day trader program as a way to earn big extra cash.  $5.5 trillion is traded each day, and there is plenty for you to earn BIG extra cash over the next weeks and months onward.  We will help you.  Get trained to trade just minutes a day from home using our 20+ year proven indicators and up to $100,000 of our money and keeping up to 80% of your trade profits.  Try our Demo Trial first.  Call or text me a time we can chat for 10 – 15 minutes.  Regards, Ralph 801-680-0516.
1 Ralph Wed 20.11.27 3p C, V, E, and X
     – This means:  1 = First call,  Ralph – Caller,  Wed = Call day,  20.01.27 = Call date,  3p = Call time,  C = Called,  V = Left voice message (or No V = No voice message),  E = Email sent,  X = Text sent.  
     – You may put a little note after if appropriate, especially if you talk to them.
1 Ralph Wed 20.01.27 3p T – Brick layer looking for less physical work.  Has some awareness of trading.
     – I update this statement with right day, date, and time and then just copy and paste in, and modify as needed.
Second and Third Calls, text message and notes:
– Good day. This is Ralph again from www.TradeCompanyMoney.com and I just called.  We are seeking to do all we can to be available to help you understand the potential of our part-time, from home, day trading role where you learn to trade our large Company account.  At $5.5 trillion traded each day in the market, this is a real means to earn big extra cash in weeks from home part-time.  Call or text me a time we can chat for 10 – 15 minutes. Regards, Ralph 801-680-0516.
2 Ralph Mon 20.01.29 2p C, V, E, and X 
2 Ralph Mon 20.01.29 2p T – Brick layer looking for less physical work.  Has some awareness of trading.
Ralph’s Current Email Message
I use this statement for all of my emails.  When I get time, I will make a first, second, and third email.
Hello, this is Ralph again from the company looking for people to train to day trader our Company money part-time from home, even up to $100,000 and keeping up to 80% of your trade profits.
Details are found at www.TradeCompanyMoney.com.
I called to answer any questions.  Our current part-time and home based day traders are spending a few minutes to 1 or 2 hours day trading from home or anywhere, any day of the week (except Saturday), and essentially any hours of the day 24 / 6.  We see a lot of success with our current day traders and they seem to be all smiles as they start gaining more and more breathing room in their finances and start doing things they began to think would never be realized.  It is exciting.  I would like you to see these same possibilities with our $10 Trade Demo Trial.
Please call me at 801-680-0516 or text me a couple of times I can catch you for 10 or 15 minutes.
Also, please continue to review the website www.TradeCompanyMoney.com for more details.
Our 20+ year proven system of ~90% winning indicators, up to $100,000 of our Company money with 1-to-1 personalized coaching is the most assured access to this idea part-time, home-based, and any-time flexible big extra cash and income.
I look forward to answering any questions and speaking about our Trade Demo Trial.
Call, Text, or Email.  Regards, Ralph
Ralph Oakeson
801-680-0516 (talk / text)